on griffon wings a flight path to legacy

On Griffon Wings welcomes you to a unique recognition program that that goes beyond money; it will drive transformation.

Just as the griffon’s wings empower it to reach new heights, your generosity through On Griffon Wings empowers our university and students to achieve unparalleled success.

Unlike traditional recognition programs that offer mere name recognition, On Griffon Wings empowers donors to share personal stories and family values, communicating their inspiring legacy to today’s students.

What also sets this program apart is its affordability, with options below the norm and flexible terms instead of high-cost perpetual commitments.

We invite you to embark on a transformative journey with us, soaring On Griffon Wings.

Jerry Pickman

For more information, contact:

Jerry Pickman, MBA, CAP®, CFRE
Senior Philanthropy Advisor
(816) 271-5649

Make a meaningful mark in countless ways…

  • Celebrate a career milestone
  • Honor a faculty member, staffer, administrator or volunteer
  • Commemorate a place, such as where you met your spouse
  • Acknowledge a former classmate
  • Inspire students by sharing your family’s most important values
  • Share words of advice or wisdom with students
  • Express gratitude to a mentor
  • Mark a significant achievement
  • Call out a program or initiative that enabled you to succeed
  • Pay tribute to a beloved family member or friend
  • Recognize a transformational academic moment
  • Showcase an influential community leader’s contributions
  • Commemorate a special relationship
  • Applaud the dedication of exceptional students or alumni