Mission Statement

The Missouri Western State University Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organization that functions solely to support the mission of Missouri Western State University. The Foundation receives, invests, maintains and administers contributed resources; and otherwise acts to further the mission and goals of Missouri Western State University by directing acquired resources to serve the University and its students.


The Missouri Western State University Foundation will support the continued development of Missouri Western State University by striving to be a foundation of excellence, promoting and facilitating a culture of philanthropy, service, volunteer leadership and exemplary fiduciary responsibility.


  • To attract and generate private funds for Missouri Western which will allow it to achieve goals not ordinarily possible with state or other resources. MWSU is increasingly dependent on private funds.
  • To enlist the interest, support, and efforts of volunteers in attempts to obtain private funds for Missouri Western. The work of business, industrial, professional, and community leaders is fundamental to successful implementation of a private giving program.
  • To provide flexibility in handling, receiving, disbursing, and investing money from private sources. The Foundation is the proper legal vehicle through which private philanthropy can be more easily generated and received at Missouri Western.