Griffons change the World | Sydney Andrews

When others said I would fail, my parents pushed me to succeed.

When I was two years old, I was diagnosed deaf and hearing impaired. My parents, along with so many others, believed in me and helped me through many challenges. Learning to read lips. Getting used to my cochlear implant. It’s been an emotional journey, and some of the best people have been by my side, cheering me on.

This experience has given me the drive to pay it forward in everything I do.

Missouri Western gave me the opportunity to pay it forward across the globe. After being accepted into the physical therapist assistant program my freshman year, the director told us about a medical mission trip to India.

So I went, without hesitation. Not just once, but twice.

In India, I discovered what it is like to truly connect with someone at the heart level. The language barrier was so vast. The people we provided care for had been marginalized and cast aside. I was able to show them love and compassion without saying a word.

Currently, I work in home health with mainly elderly individuals, utilizing my PTA degree from Missouri Western. My patients have good and bad days, and I am right there with them as they are healing. Often, no one listens to them. Sometimes, they just want to be heard. Once again, I am able to show them love and compassion without saying a word.

Missouri Western gave me so many opportunities to pay it forward. Today, I am asking you to consider a gift to help Griffons, just like me, achieve their dreams. Think of it like a university-sized pay-it-forward line at the Starbucks drive thru. Are you with me?

With Griffon Pride,
Sydney Andrews ‘16

Because Missouri Western is the only designated applied learning university in the state, they excel at helping students learn by doing beyond the classroom.

Every day, it helps students succeed, because it supports extra learning opportunities for students.

Your gift to the Foundation:
• Provides scholarships
• Promotes innovative programs aimed at preparing students for their future careers
• Supports students to present research at national and international conferences
• Sponsors guest scholars who inspire and engage a love for learning

It really is true that “Everything is Possible” for Griffons when you give to the Foundation.

Please consider a gift to help more students. Thank you!

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