Griffon Guarantee Scholarship
In Fall 2020, the University will launch the Griffon Guarantee Scholarship, a new scholarship program for freshmen and transfer students that automatically renews and increases in value each year if students maintain a set grade point average.

The Griffon Guarantee Scholarship differs from previous Missouri Western programs and from scholarships at other institutions in two distinct ways. First, the annual scholarship renewal is guaranteed for students who remain in good academic standing (minimum 2.0 GPA); and second, recipients will receive an additional $1,000 at the 30-credit mark, an additional $500 at the 60-credit mark, and an additional $500 at the 90-credit mark. That means recipients will receive $2,000 more in their fourth year of school than they did in the first year.

The base first-year award for the Griffon Guarantee Scholarship will range from $500 to $6,500 for incoming freshmen and $500 to $1,500 for transfer students. With the automatic renewal and upgrades, the scholarship will provide students up to $4,500 in additional aid over the course of eight semesters, and students could potentially receive up to $30,500 in scholarships over four years.

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Gold Fridays
Beginning the fall of 2020, the majority of classes at Missouri Western will be offered Monday through Thursday, and Fridays will be dedicated to applied learning and other opportunities as part of the new Gold Fridays initiative.

The program leaves Fridays open for students to engage in internships, research, community service, meeting with professors, tutoring, study time or whatever the student chooses. Gold Fridays will also be a benefit to students who commute since it could mean one less day on the road.

Gold Fridays will not change the total minutes for each course, the number of courses offered or the number of students on campus. While a four-day schedule may not be appropriate for every program, most academic programs will be adapted.

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