At the annual meeting of the Missouri Western Arts Society, it was announced that more than $25,000 will be distributed to arts programs for equipment, registration fees for experiences, visiting artists and more. The money is from the Arts Society membership fees. The following is a breakdown by department of the funding:

  • Art: $9,672.50. With these grants, students will have the opportunity to visit several art museums and galleries, attend a national conference and hear a keynote speaker at the Undergraduate Art History Symposium. Funding will also provide for software and multitasking stools.
  • Music: $9,691.65. The funding will provide students with the opportunity to hear a performance and masterclass of the Op. 76 Quartet, a guest conductor and mini-residency for Dr. Pei-Chi Lin, a percussion ensemble festival, a Yamaha TF-5 digital mixer, and a jazz program guest artist and residency series.
  • Theatre, Cinema and Dance: $6,171.90. Projects funded include motion capture technology, a masterclass on the Alexander Technique, streaming hardware, and new rod and curtain installation.

Thank you for your support!