The Missouri Western League for Excellence is an honorary giving society for donors and businesses who give undesignated gifts to the Missouri Western Annual Fund. It is at the cornerstone of Missouri Western’s fundraising efforts.”

The Missouri Western League for Excellence was established by the MWSU Foundation for the purpose of demonstrating appreciation to alumni and friends of the University who give undesignated gifts, as well as to promote the concept of such giving.

How League Members Help the University

The financial resources received from these donors help provide funds for the Foundation’s projects in support of the work of the University. In addition, League members may demonstrate their interest in other ways. They stay informed about the progress at the University, promote the University among friends and potential students and, when possible, attend University events. A strong Western League for Excellence gives visibility to members’ support of the University, which often helps potential donors, faculty members, and students to have confidence in Missouri Western State University.

Membership Levels

Western League for Excellence individual donors contribute $100 or more each year and business membership levels begin at $250 each year.

  • Founder’s Circle ($5,000 or more each year)
  • Governor’s Circle ($1,000 to $4,999)
  • President’s Circle ($500 to $999)
  • Cabinet’s Circle ($250 to $499)
  • Dean’s Circle ($100 to $249) Individual’s Only

Unrestricted Funds – Priority for Excellence

Contributions by League members are unrestricted charitable gifts that are motivated by a desire to support the University’s mission, and the donors do not expect anything of material value in return. The most important dividend they receive as a result of their “investment” in the work of the University is the good feeling they have about themselves for having helped. Tax laws allow them to receive tax benefits as a result of their gifts and the Foundation takes special steps to keep them informed about the University’s achievements, programs and students.

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Benefits of Membership

  • Missouri Western e-magazine delivered to your email
  • Listing in the membership roster, which is published in the MWSU Foundation’s Annual Report and other publications
  • Tax deduction as the Missouri Western State University Foundation is an IRS approved charitable organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Your name will be listed in the Missouri Western Foundation’s Annual Report.
Missouri Western Foundation’s Efforts to Equitably Recognize All Qualifying Donors