Below is a sampling of reports we have received so far from music faculty members whose projects were funded by the Arts Society this academic year:

  • Nathanael May, $700 to bring in master pianist Matteo Ramon Arevalos. All piano majors received a private 30-to-60-minute lesson. Arevalos also conducted a workshop, performed for students and participated in a question-and-answer session with 392 students.
  • Chelsey Hamm, $635 for a classroom set of 13 melodicas. The instruments have helped music fundamentals students better understand pitch space, a crucial topic for learning to be a musician. They are improving faster at their scales and intervals, Dr. Hamm said.
  • Bob Long, $800 for jazz pianist Tamir Hendelman on campus. “The approach he demonstrated for learning tunes and improving improvisational skills will go far in helping our students to reach a goal of being better performers,” Long said. “It also gave education majors another approach they may use in their own future classrooms to further their own students’ progress.”
  • Elise Hepworth, $2,500 for special commissioned piece. An original choral piece was commissioned by composer Ryan Main, and the Chamber Singers premiered the piece at the 80th annual Missouri Music Educators Conference and In-Service. The students additionally had the opportunity to work with Main during the process of learning and performing the piece. This was an incredibly unique learning experience for the students to work one on one with Main, Dr. Hepworth said.

Thank you for your support!