Dear Friends, 

Happy Spring! I hope you all were able to attend the Foundation’s annual Donor Appreciation Reception Jerry Pickmanon April 10. I look forward to that event because, not only it is a great opportunity for us to tell our donors how much we appreciate all they do for Missouri Western, but we have a chance to showcase our students and their excellent work. 

As you know, the unrestricted gifts that we receive from Western League for Excellence members are invaluable. Because these gifts are not designated for a particular use, we are able to leverage them to support programs, equipment purchases or experiences outside the classroom, or any other need that arises throughout the year. The Foundation’s Board of Directors determine how the funds are allocated. 

At the Donor Appreciation Reception, we announced that, for the first time in its
49-year history, the MWSU Foundation surpassed $50 million in assets this past year. That is an outstanding milestone that we are very proud of. We looked back at old Foundation records and found that in July 1971, the Foundation assets totaled $4,872.80! 

We know that we could not have reached that milestone without generous donors like you. Thank you! 


Jerry Pickman ’85
Executive Director, MWSU Foundation
Vice President, University Advancement