Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor, Managing Partners of the Reduced Shakespeare Company (RSC), attended a MWSU theatre rehearsal of “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)” and provided invaluable guidance on the production – first presented by the RSC in 1987.  While discussing bits in the show, they also helped MWSU students work through the bits, becoming more comfortable in being themselves in the performance of this play.

Prior to the rehearsal, Austin and Reed lead an improv and physical comedy workshop, funded through a grant from the Arts Society. Twelve Missouri Western students participated in this workshop which began with some basic improvisational “games” and then progressed into the students developing their own short, pantomime story that incorporated  physical comedy elements that were covered by Austin and Reed. 

Austin and Reed stated an interest in coming back to campus when they are in the area for the Missouri leg of their Christmas show tour. According to Jeff Stover, Chair of the Department of Theatre, Cinema and Dance, the feedback he received from the students who attended was positive and everyone had a great learning experience.