Donors have the ability to restrict the use of their contribution. Each Foundation account has a purpose or restriction. Before submitting a Payment Request Form, please check to make sure the request for payment meets these restrictions.

Submission Deadlines

The deadline for payment submission to MWSU Foundation is 2 p.m. Wednesday in order to receive a check by Monday after 10 a.m.

Required Items

1. Complete the MWSU Foundation Payment Request Form .

2. Request signature and approval signature from the Dean, Vice President, or authorized person in charge of the Foundation account.

3. Provide invoice or documentation for request.

4. Complete W-9 form or W-8ECI (for international vendors) if payment to outside Vendor.

Receiving Your Check

Checks are released to individuals on the following Monday after 10 a.m. in MWSU Foundation Office, Spratt 111.

If you have any questions regarding procedures or forms, please contact the following numbers: MWSU Foundation Accountant 816-271-5653

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