Special Allocations

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The Foundation Board seeks proposals that promote serving the students of Missouri Western State University. The Foundation is committed to assisting the University in accomplishing its mission and achieving its goals by promoting an environment for private financial investment. MWSU Foundation Allocation requests may include but are not limited to the following guidelines:

  • Capital asset purchases
  • One time special project funding
  • Start-up program funds – Seed money, program should become self-sustaining and not rely on continued support
  • Food and travel expenses may be considered if they are an essential part of your proposal

Requests for proposals for funding from the MWSU Foundation for special projects will be awarded July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020 (FY20)

The deadline for proposals to be submitted is March 8 no later than 4:30 p.m. Requests must be submitted to Spratt Hall 111.

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Submission deadline is March 8

Please send questions to:

Jenny Sherlock
(816) 271-5647

Application Process

The Foundation Board has approved the following application process for allocations:

Proposals for funding should demonstrate relationship to the Missouri Western strategic plan and/or campus priorities, and a statement as to the intended impact of the activity;

Proposals must utilize a standard format, and be written clearly and concisely;

Proposals must be submitted in a timely manner following established application process and deadlines;

Proposals must include signature approval from the respective Chairperson or Supervisor, Dean or Director, and the appropriate Vice President;

Applications that do not include all required signatures will not be considered for funding;

If you are requesting funds for a project for which funds have been provided previously, then your accountability report for the previous project must be received with the new proposal, if not previously submitted. This could affect the committee’s willingness to approve future funding.

Proposals should be sent to:
Missouri Western State University Foundation
4525 Downs Drive, Spratt 111
St. Joseph, MO 64507

Awarding Process

Proposals will be reviewed by the University Allocations Advisory Committee, which consists of the President of the University; the Vice President for Academic Affairs; and the Vice President for University Advancement, who also serves as Executive Director of the Missouri Western State University Foundation. Other University representatives may be consulted as necessary regarding specific requests.

The University Allocations Advisory Committee will submit their recommendations to the Foundation Board’s Budget Committee.

The Foundation Board’s Budget Committee will consider the University Advisory Committee’s when making their final recommendations which will be submitted to the full Foundation Board.

The Foundation Board will then vote on the Budget Committee’s recommendations at the May Board meeting.

The Missouri Western State University Foundation Board will provide notice of proposals receiving funding to the campus/community by email within 10 business days following the approval.

Funding Process

ALL purchases MUST be made through the University Budget Code-MWSU Foundation Special Allocations (FSA-1329-50000-11)

Purchases MUST be approved as follows:

  • Purchase Requisition – Banner approval by Foundation CFO required – Copy of invoice must be sent over to the Foundation Office with Chair/Supervisor signature before being approved by Foundation CFO
  • Procurement Card – signature of Chair/Supervisor and Foundation CFO required
  • Purchase Order – signature of Chair/Supervisor and Foundation CFO required
  • Remittance Voucher – signature of Chair/Supervisor and Foundation CFO required
  • Campus Chargeback – email approval from Chair/Supervisor required and a copy of chargeback  documentation sent to Foundation CFO.

The Foundation MUST receive a copy of the purchase order, invoice, receipt or other purchase documentation to Spratt Hall, Room 111, to Foundation Accountant’s attention.

Funds MUST be spent within the awarding fiscal year (between July 1 and June 30).

Accountability reports will be required at the completion of the program or prior to April 1st in order to facilitate the Foundation’s review/assessment of the impact of the activity.

Reimbursement requests should be submitted no later than 30 days after the event/purchase is made.