100 Years Sculpture

Growing Endowment

As state funding continues to decline or remain flat, the Missouri Western State University Foundation endowment becomes increasingly important in ensuring that the University can continue to provide a high quality, affordable education for all. Endowment funds help provide co-curricular programming, enhance research opportunities, promote educational innovation and enhance academic support. Enhanced endowment ensures permanent resources for these needs. In 2017-2018, the Missouri Western Foundation was able to provide scholarships totaling more than $966,000 to 581 students. Additionally, the Foundation funded $50,000 for 118 students to attend and present their research at national and international conferences.

Endowment funds are the foundation that will generate sustaining support for the next 100 years and beyond.

Gifts to Missouri Western’s endowment funds provide much needed perpetual income for scholarships, university faculty and staff positions, facility improvements, general operations, specific programming and more.

It is imperative that we grow the endowment to produce permanent resources for operations, scholarships and innovative programs.

Ongoing University Support

The Centennial Capital Campaign will raise funds for programs, equipment and other emerging needs for Missouri Western State University.

All gifts to the Missouri Western Annual Fund will be recognized separately from the Centennial Capital Campaign in the Annual Report. We ask our benefactors to continue their annual support throughout the campaign period and consider an additional, stretch gift to address the University’s campaign goals.

Undesignated funds help Missouri Western to support our mission and provide students an educational experience of the highest quality. Annual, undesignated gifts provide funds to many of the programs and priorities on campus that do not receive regular designated support, such as classroom equipment and experience-enriching programs around campus.

Commemorative Naming Opportunities


Endowed School:
$5 million

Endowed Chair:
$2 million

Endowed Professorship:
$1.5 million

Endowed Program:
Please call

Endowed Lecture Series:
$1 million

Endowed Scholarship:
$10,000 minimum

*MWSU Foundation Endowment Policy
Disbursements from the endowed fund will be made annually in accordance with the Foundation’s policies governing the management and administration of endowed funds. These policies are reviewed annually and are subject to change. Current policies limit distribution to five (5) percent of the fund’s balance (sum of the endowed principal, accumulated interest, and dividend earnings and realized/unrealized capital gains/losses). The Foundation assesses an administrative fee of one 1.5% of the fund’s balance. These distributions are based on the stated percentages applied to the average balance in the account at the close of the past five calendar years. The Board of Directors will adjust these percentages and/or other practices and policies as is deemed prudent due to economic and other environmental factors.