The following is a list of naming opportunities available in recognition of significant gifts to Missouri Western State University. This list and associated amounts are subject to change. Donors are encouraged to work with the Development staff early in the process of determining naming opportunities that will most closely match the donor’s interests with the University’s needs.


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences $7.5 million
College of Professional Studies $7.5 million


School of Fine and Performing Arts $5 million
School of Nursing and Health Professions $5 million


Craig School of Business Building* $15 million
Performing Arts Center* $4 million
Indoor Sports Complex $2.5 million
Spring Sports Complex $1.5 million
3D Arts Annex $1.5 million
Commons Building $750,000

Indoor Spaces

Library (Hearnes Center) $2 million
Fieldhouse (M.O. Looney Complex) $1 million
Theater (Potter Hall) $1 million
Instrumental Rehearsal Hall (Potter Hall) $1 million
Percussion Studio (Potter Hall) $500,000
Vocal Rehearsal Hall (Potter Hall) $200,000
Flexible Studio (Potter Hall) $750,000
Special Collections Room (Hearnes Center) $250,000
Volleyball Court ( M.O. Looney Complex) $250,000
Lecture Halls† $250,000
Atrium (Agenstein-Remington Halls) $250,000
West Wing (Agenstein-Remington Halls) $250,000
Greenhouse (Agenstein Hall) $250,000
Digital Animation Studio (Potter Hall) $150,000
Drawing Studio (Potter Hall) $150,000
Graphics Studio (Potter Hall) $150,000
Photography Studio (Potter Hall) $150,000
Painting Studio (Potter Hall) $150,000
Gallery (Potter Hall) $100,000
Green Room (Potter Hall) $100,000
Computer Laboratories† $50,000
General Laboratories† $50,000
Costume Shop (Potter Hall) $50,000
Dressing Rooms (Potter Hall) $25,000
General Classrooms† $25,000
Interview Rooms (Eder Hall) $10,000
Practice Rooms (Potter Hall) $5,000


Center for Entrepreneurship $4 million
Non-Traditional Student/Veterans Center $500,000
International Student Services & Recruitment Center $500,000
Center for Multicultural Education $500,000
Center for Student Involvement $500,000
Accessibility Resource Center $500,000
Biology Studies Center $500,000
Chemistry Studies Center $500,000
Student Testing Center $500,000
Career Development Center $500,000
Counseling Center $250,000

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Track* $1 million
Baseball Stadium $750,000
Softball Stadium $750,000
Tennis Courts* $500,000
Walking Trail $250,000
Hearnes Patio $100,000
Murphy Patio $100,000
East Patio of Potter Hall $100,000
Cross Country Course* $100,000

Endowed Faculty Support Funds (State Assisted)

Dean $2.5 million
Chair $2 million
Professorship $1.5 million
Visiting Scholar/Artist $1 million

Endowed Programs

Eggs & Issues Speakers Series $200,000

Endowed Scholarships ($10,000 minimum required)

Full Scholarship (in-state tuition, room & board, general fees) $350,000
Partial Scholarship $10,000 minimum

General Endowment ($10,000 minimum required)

Unrestricted $10,000 minimum
Restricted to Program or Department $10,000 minimum
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*Future construction based on availability of funds.
Commemorative opportunities are available throughout the campus (i.e. general classrooms and laboratories). Donors will be recognized appropriately with a plaque.

According to the University’s Naming Policy, all permanently named buildings and grounds and associated amounts must be approved by the University president and Board of Governors. This list is subject to change.

Payment schedules for naming pledges will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis; however, at least 50 percent of the donor’s pledge must be received before a naming request is presented to the Board of Governors for final approval.